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Boards For Kitchen Cabinets in Kenya

In the dynamic world of interior design, kitchen cabinets stand as essential elements, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Beyond mere storage, they contribute significantly to the overall design and ambiance of a kitchen, making them a focal point in home aesthetics.

The choice of boards in constructing kitchen cabinets is not arbitrary; it profoundly impacts the cabinet’s structural integrity, resilience to environmental factors, and overall quality. The article aims to delve into the diverse types of boards used in Kenya for crafting kitchen cabinets and shed light on the considerations that go into making informed choices.

Types of Boards For Kitchen Cabinets in Kenya

1. Characteristics
a. Density: MDF, composed of wood fibers and resin, boasts uniform density throughout, preventing warping or cracking.
b. Smooth Surface: Its smooth surface is ideal for finishing, offering a flawless canvas for paints and veneers.

2. Applications
MDF finds its niche in crafting cabinet doors, where a smooth and even surface is paramount for achieving high-quality finishes.

Particle boards

1. Composition and Characteristics
Particleboard is composed of wood particles bonded together with resin, creating a cost-effective yet sturdy material.

2. Considerations
While particleboard provides budget-friendly options, it may require additional precautions to prevent water damage, making it suitable for specific cabinet components.

Plywood Boards

1. Advantages
a. Durability: Plywood, comprising layers of wood glued together with grains running perpendicular to each other, creates a robust structure, ensuring cabinets withstand daily wear and tear.
b. Moisture Resistance: The adhesive used in plywood makes it resistant to moisture, a crucial quality in kitchen environments prone to humidity and occasional spills.

2. Common Uses
Plywood is often employed in crafting the cabinet box and shelves, providing a sturdy foundation for the entire structure.

Quality Considerations

A. Importance of High-Quality Boards

The longevity and performance of kitchen cabinets hinge on the quality of boards used in their construction. High-quality materials not only resist wear and tear but also contribute to the cabinet’s overall aesthetics and value.

B. Impact on Cabinet Longevity

Investing in high-quality boards ensures cabinets withstand the test of time, resisting warping, swelling, or deteriorating due to environmental factors or heavy use.

C. Local Availability

Considering local availability of high-quality boards in Kenya not only supports the domestic market but also ensures a more sustainable and accessible supply chain.

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