Cherry Interior

Interior House Finishes in Kenya

This gallery features beautiful cherry wood kitchens in contemporary, modern, rustic and traditional design styles. Kitchens with cherry cabinets offer a warm and luxurious look and blend well with a variety of materials and countertop finishes.

This kitchen is directly open to the dining room and living room, separated only by low countertops

This kitchen is directly open to the dining room and living room, separated only by low countertops that serve as a partition between the other common areas and the kitchen. The result is a bright and bright kitchen, despite the use of solid cherry cabinets topped with black granite. The natural wood grains and texture of the solid cherry cabinets, combined with drawers and drawers of black cabinets, create a more raw and industrial feel in the space while maintaining its elegant silhouette.

Cherry kitchen cabinets

The cherry kitchen cabinets are beautiful and ideal for those looking for a warm and elegant kitchen space. With their rich wood tones, cherry wood is often used in furniture and cabinets. The wood can be tinted or left naturally darker over time. Since wood easily accepts a finish, many cherry wood colors are used with cabinets.

This beauty comes at a cost, making cherry cabinets one of the most expensive choices. Availability is also a concern, as they are not frequently found in big box stores. Therefore, it is necessary to hire an experienced custom cabinet builder to do the job. As a general rule, cherry cabinets can increase costs by 20-25% or more compared to regular birch cabinets.

There are other options for those looking to avoid spending the higher price of cherry wood kitchen cabinets. The first is to buy a high quality piece of furniture and colour it with cherries. The dye will penetrate the grain of the wood to give you the cherry look you desire. Glazing is another way to get a similar look. The glazing of your cherry cabinets is a process in which a glaze coating is applied to the wood to produce an aged or distressed appearance. Frosting and dyeing are popular choices that will help you reduce costs and get the look you want for your cherry kitchen cabinets.

In the image, the floors of this kitchen use solid cherry floors. The kitchen opts for a darker cherry wood finish for its paneled kitchen cabinets

In the image above, the floors of this kitchen use solid cherry floors. The kitchen opts for a darker cherry wood finish for its paneled kitchen cabinets, creating a subtle contrast between the two materials. The details of the ledge, vintage handles and cream granite on the countertops and backsplash combine to create a very elegant feel in this kitchen, creating a design of timeless beauty.

Cherry kitchen cabinets pros and cons

It is undeniable that cherry wood kitchen cabinets exude striking elegance and visual appeal, but in addition to possessing an exquisite aesthetic, cherry wood is also an archetype of practical functionality.

Cherry is a good choice for kitchen cabinets for several reasons. The first is sustainability. Although not as strong as oak, cherry wood is strong enough for long-term use. It is known for its medium strength level – heavy, hard and can keep up with daily wear.

In terms of costs, cherry kitchen cabinets are at an average price. They’re cheap and not so cheap either. Among dark woods, cherry wood is more affordable than ebony and mahogany, while it is more expensive than maple or oak. However, these investments turn out to be good investments, offering long-term practical benefits. It is also widely available on the market and can be purchased in online shops, exclusive wood suppliers and cabinet manufacturers.

To return to the main reason why homeowners love cherry kitchen cabinets, aesthetic value is one of the positive attributes of this high quality wood. It comes in a rich elegant color and deep shades that bring a luxurious look to the kitchens. This richness also introduces a distinctive warmth into the interiors, creating a warm atmosphere and making the spaces more inviting. As a result, this welcoming atmosphere allows guests to feel at home.

Its beauty also increases with age, making it one of the most unique qualities. As cherry wood is sensitive to light, its rich reddish color darkens over time and gives a shiny patina that deepens with age. This beautiful change in colours is one of the most sought-after qualities of cherry kitchen cabinets. In addition, cherry wood kitchen cabinets have a timeless appeal.

It’s traditional but it’s guaranteed never to go out of style. It is versatile and works well with various design concepts. Cherry cabinets can easily be matched with any type of kitchen décor and design inspiration, whether traditional, country, rustic, contemporary or modern. Depending on the type of carpentry he uses, cherry cabinets can easily combine the look and style of a space. Its appearance is flexible enough to adapt to different color schemes. In addition to this, cherry wood cabinets can also serve as centerpieces not only for a kitchen, but also for an entire home.

There are still some drawbacks to using cherry cabinets, but its advantages outweigh its drawbacks. Like any other type of wood, it is prone to termite attacks, but this can be solved by using preventive measures such as treatments and termite resistance. In addition, it is not water resistant. To prevent water from seeping into your kitchen cabinets, be sure to wipe the splashes immediately to avoid any stains.

Finally, although strong and robust enough, it always tends to be scratched over time. All these drawbacks can be avoided with proper maintenance, treatment and care to ensure the good condition of your cherry cabinets. See MDF Boards Price in Kenya.

 On one side of the wall is a storage closet/full-height closet with built-in refrigerator and oven tower.

A large contemporary kitchen that definitely maximizes all the space available to create this kitchen design. On one side of the wall is a storage closet/full-height closet with built-in refrigerator and oven tower. It uses cherry wood laminates everywhere, and the flat profile of the cabinets gives it a sleek, modern look. To help mitigate the reds of the furniture finish, the countertop materials are made of light cream quartz, while the backsplash is made of cream-colored glass tile.

It is a country-style kitchen that uses simple kitchen cabinets with dark cherry wood panels.

It is a country-style kitchen that uses simple kitchen cabinets with dark cherry wood panels. The elegant details of the cabinets give it an elegant but modern appeal due to its clean, straight lines. In the middle is a kitchen island which also serves as a bar/dining area. The countertop materials used are cream granite for the kitchen island and quartz cream for low furniture. Meanwhile, the backsplash is adorned with light yellow mosaic tiles, adding texture and a touch of soft color to the surface.

A large spacious kitchen with a unique layout and a combination of finishes.

A large spacious kitchen with a unique layout and a combination of finishes. It uses very bright cherry laminates that are distinctly different from cream-coloured floors and white walls. This is combined with cream granite for countertops and backsplash, as well as matte black and brushed stainless steel finishes, giving it a contemporary feel. Do you like what you see? Talk to kitchen cabinet makers in Nairobi.

It is another Country-inspired kitchen space with an open floor plan that uses solid wooden cabinet doors covered with cherry and topped with thick slabs of grey granite

It is another Country-inspired kitchen space with an open floor plan that uses solid wooden cabinet doors covered with cherry and topped with thick slabs of grey granite. It features exposed ceiling wood farms with the same cherry finish, while the planks used on the ceiling panels are whitewashed, neutralizing and softening the orange and yellow tones of wood and floor finishes.

This spacious kitchen exudes an elegant and relaxed atmosphere thanks to the use of solid cherry kitchen cabinets topped with beige granite.

This spacious kitchen exudes an elegant and relaxed atmosphere thanks to the use of solid cherry kitchen cabinets topped with beige granite. The open layout of the kitchen helps to make the space brighter and more spacious, while the high gable ceiling is perfectly matched to the kitchen cabinets, thanks to cherry wood planks, which also add texture to the other judicious plan and simple interior surfaces.

It is a kitchen that opts for a bright red color palette, distinguishing itself from the rest of neutral surfaces. The walls were painted brick red, while the kitchen cabinets were laminated into a dark cherry wood finish

It is a kitchen that opts for a bright red color palette, distinguishing itself from the rest of neutral surfaces. The walls were painted brick red, while the kitchen cabinets were laminated into a dark cherry wood finish, which also has a red shade. To help balance the colors, the countertop used is a cream-colored granite, adding a neutral surface to the space while helping to mitigate the boldness of red tones.

A classic style kitchen with traditional details is even more elegant because it uses dark cherry wood for all its cabinets, as well as countertops and a black granite backsplash.

A classic style kitchen with traditional details is even more elegant because it uses dark cherry wood for all its cabinets, as well as countertops and a black granite backsplash. Despite its classic appearance, it also brings some touches of modernity, such as lighting under the furniture, to illuminate the workspace.

A classic style kitchen for a bold wood-like look. The floors are made of cherry wood, while the kitchen cabinets are made of beautiful paneled cherry wood, combined with cream lime stone.

A classic style kitchen for a bold wood-like look. The floors are made of cherry wood, while the kitchen cabinets are made of beautiful paneled cherry wood, combined with cream lime stone. The combined shades look a little more orange and therefore blend perfectly with the cream and orange tiles used on the backsplash.

A unique rustic kitchen with a variety of wooden finishes. The floors are solid golden oak, while the exposed beams with wooden planks are solid teak. The skylight provides excellent lighting on the space, helping to bring out the colors of the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are a combination of dark oak and red-tinted cherry wood. There is also a huge kitchen island counter in the middle of the kitchen with a dark oak base and a black ollar stone countertop.

Kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets

The deep and natural colour of the cherry cabinets gives way to many possibilities in terms of design. Thanks to its shades of red, formulating the right color scheme that goes with it can range from enhancing its luxurious look to mitigating its richness.

Several colors of mural painting can be explored to match dark cherry kitchen cabinets – ranging from bright white to neutral neutral, ripe pastels and rich shades. The right color will depend entirely on the look you want to get and the aesthetic attribute you want to stand out, whether it’s contrast or harmony.

Choosing the right paint color for your cherry cabinets can help you design a surprisingly attractive and cohesive kitchen. Below is a selection of paint colours to help you choose the one that best suits your cherry cabinets:

Cuisine traditionnelle avec armoires en merisier et îlot en granit et design en forme de l

Neutral Neutral colors are colors that are not reflected in the colour wheel. This includes black, white, shades of grey and brown. We also talk about earth tones, mainly because they are mainly found in nature. This sometimes includes, greens and golden yellow as well. These colors are popular not only in interior decoration, as they can go with anything. Mixing and matching is the least of your worries when choosing a neutral color palette for your home.

When paired with cherry cabinets, a neutral wall greatly enhances warm shades, making the space more attractive. It serves as a subtle backdrop to the dark reddish color of cherry wood and does not rival its richness. In addition, this gives the wood a cleaner and brighter appearance.

Grey – The grey colour, considered the new alternative to white, works well with cherry cabinets because it creates a spectacular effect, while remaining moderate and flawless. It is also the ideal substitute for those who find white or beige too united and boring because grey gives a quiet strength to the spaces. On the other hand, warmer neutral colours such as golden yellow, light honey or a hint of fluffy butter add warmth to the cherry cabinets. It’s perfect if you want to add a little color and introduce a joyful atmosphere into your kitchen without creating too much drama.

Brown shades, such as sand, tan or light mocha, are perfect if you want to use monochrome colours. These colours complement the inherent colour of the wood and its natural comfort, making the space more “welcoming” and inviting. However, when choosing a shade of brown for your paint, opt for a dark shade, as this would camouflage your cherry cabinets. Cherry cabinets are a real beauty in themselves. The last thing you would want to do is hide that. Remember that by creating a visually pleasing monochromatic pattern, the shades of color must be well balanced to create a certain dimension.

For neutral colors, avoid black, as it is too dark and may conflict with the reddish shades of cherry cabinets. This combination tends to produce a design too heavy for the eyes and may seem too narrow.

White – White is considered the most versatile color because it goes well with everything. Apart from that, white walls have a timeless look that surely won’t be old-fashioned, no matter your décor. This wall color works well with light and dark kitchen cabinets, including dark cherry wood.

The white walls are perfect for creating a striking contrast between the dark cherry cabinets. If your kitchen is small, your space will look bigger, more open and more airy. In addition, it instantly illuminates a space, creating a perfect balance with the richness of cherry cabinets.

The white color comes in different tones that can be explored. Ultra-white walls and dark cherry cabinets are handy if you want to combine classic and contemporary. If you don’t like the striking look of shiny white walls and cherry cabinets, you can always choose another shade. Beige, creams, whites and those with warm shades also work exceptionally well with dark cherry cabinets.

Pastels – Light colors are the perfect choice if you want to add a little color to your color palette. It introduces color without engaging in the intensity of bright hues. These pastel colors can have cold or warm shades. Pastel colors with cool shades are light blue, light green and cold gray, while those with warm shades are peachy, pale yellow. The cool shades lift the grains into the cabinets, making the wood brighter.

Apart from pastels, you can always soften a specific shade of color into a more subdued and attenuated shade. Let’s say that green, for example, can be softened into a sage green color. This offers more options for decorating your kitchen.

Like white, pastel colours create the illusion of a much larger space. When used with dark cherry cabinets, the look is more balanced. The richness of the wood also stands out more. So use these colors if you want to make your cherry cabinets the focal point of your kitchen. In addition to this, the light colors also create a more lively atmosphere in the kitchen.

Cuisine contemporaine avec armoires en merisier, peinture murale verte et comptoirs en granit fantaisie ivoire

Green To create a striking contrast between the walls of your kitchen and the dark cherry cabinets, try to go with its complementary color. On the basis of the chromatic wheel, the complementary colors are those that are in front of each other. The complementary color for red is green. Because cherry cabinets have a dominant reddish color, shades of green are useful for creating contrast. The result of this combination is a visually interesting design full of depth. This also makes the color of the wood brighter and its grain comes out more.

Different shades of green can also be explored, depending on the effect you want to get for your kitchen. Deep, dark greens such as forest green, hunter green and olive green are perfect for enhancing the drama of space, while neutral tones such as sage green and moss green help to dampen the richness of cherry showcases. Soft tones such as green tea and celadon green introduce a touch of colour and create a more subtle effect that allows the beauty of cherry cabinets to stand out.

Some extra tips for choosing the right wall color for cherry cabinets:

Determine if you want to mix or contrast. This is the first step you need to take to choose the paint color that suits your cherry kitchen cabinets. Contrast adds depth and drama to a space, while mixing is creating a harmonious look. Both design principles create a stunning kitchen design.

Use the colour wheel as a guide to create great colour combinations for your Cherry showcases. Knowing a few colour bases will help you produce an effective and attractive color palette, not only for your kitchen, but for your home. The Color Wheel is an effective decorating tool that can help you eliminate the uncertainties of choosing the right paint color for your walls. With this, you can explore a complementary diagram – if you want to create a contrast, or a similar pattern – if you want a harmonious mix.

You can never go wrong with a monochromatic color scheme. A monochrome color palette is to find the right balance and use the right shades for every visual element of your kitchen. Since the cherry cabinets are dark, you can choose a lighter shade of brown for your flooring and a light beige color for the walls.

Avoids red. Since red is the main shade of cherry cabinets, the association with a red wall can overwhelm the space. Although they belong to the same group of colors, cherry cabinets and red walls tend to attract attention. Also, avoid colors that are too bright and too bright, as they can affect the colour of your cabinets. In addition, orange, pink and purple do not go well with cherry cabinets.

Consider all the other elements of your kitchen. The color of your walls is one of the main colors of your kitchen. Be sure to choose a paint color that will aesthetically unite all the other elements of your design. This includes appliances, flooring, countertops, hardware stores, accessories, furniture, furniture, etc.

In summary:

Complementary colors (green) – contrast, drama,
brings out the cherry colorNeutrals (browns) – mix, improves the
heat Pastels or Light Colors – reduces the color of
white cherry wood – makes the cherry cabinets cleaner and brighter

Cuisine en bois avec comptoirs à manger en îlot et en granite de couleur claire

For a more modern look, this kitchen uses a simpler kitchen cabinet profile and a cleaner, more even finish obtained using cherry wood laminates. Team it with a cream-coloured granite backsplash and a stone backsplash. The result is both balanced and elegant.

Cuisine en bois clair dans une maison de luxe

The classic Kenyan architectural details of the house have also been incorporated into the kitchen design. It has a rather bold and heavy appearance, since the floors are polished cherry and the kitchen cabinets, as well as the doors and stairs are also in solid cherry. The panel cabinets give the kitchen an elegant look, especially in combination with countertops and a grey granite backsplash.

Cuisine des chefs avec comptoirs en béton et plafond surélevé

A modern, rustic-inspired kitchen combines both modern and rustic/industrial design elements. The floors are made of antique red terracotta tiles, giving it a rustic and rustic look. The kitchen cabinets are solid cherry with straight, clean edges for a modern and perfect look. Hanging shelves maximize ceiling height, occupying most of the available wall space and combining open shelves and cabinets. The concrete worktops add a raw and industrial feel to the space, even reinforced by the use of a hanging support located just above the kitchen island.

Cuisine en bois classique avec îlot en granit personnalisé

Elegant panel details and neo-classical patterns characterise this cherry-made kitchen. The kitchen connects directly to a small wood dining area finished darker wengue. You will find that the kitchen optimizes the available wall space and ceiling height, using most of them as storage spaces/cabinets, leaving most of the counter space on the kitchen island and on the other side of the kitchen.

Cuisine contemporaine avec armoires en merisier et îlot

A rather spacious modern kitchen that uses simple kitchen cabinets with solid cherry panels topped with black granite. One side of the kitchen has pantry cabinets with a total floor-to-ceiling height and a wall with just basic cabinets and no raised cabinet, which helps make the kitchen less heavy. There is a large kitchen island in the middle that provides plenty of preparation surface and is topped with grey steatite.

Cuisine d'artisan avec finition en bois de cerisier

This kitchen space is placed in a strange corner of the room, which creates a unique shape/kitchen layout. Solid cherry planks adorn the floors, while the walls are painted off-white to soften the colour of the wood. The kitchen uses elegant paneled doors with solid cherry panels topped with dark red granite. On its backsplash, yellow and brown mosaic glass tiles create a pattern and texture on the surface. The kitchen island in the middle has a rather strange shape, as it follows the shape of the room.

Cuisine moderne avec armoires en merisier comptoir en granit foncé

It is a modern kitchen that uses modular kitchen cabinets with clean lines, creating a feeling of elegance and refinement. The kitchen cabinets have been laminated into a light cherry finish, topped with black granite. This is combined with modern brushed stainless steel drawer/drawer handles, complementing the modern kitchen look.

Cuisine moderne avec armoires en merisier teinté et dosseret en mosaïque

A quaint kitchen that uses dark cherry wood kitchen cabinets with simple panels, creating a modern look. The basic cabinets use grey granite for the countertop and mosaic tiles in a combination of yellows and reds plashes. These cabinets were placed against golden yellow walls and light cherry floors, creating a truly warm atmosphere in the kitchen.

Assorted kitchen cabinets and granite countertops

With so many options to choose from, choosing the right granite countertop color for your cherry cabinets can be quite confusing. However, the right type of granite color to match to the cherry cabinets would depend a lot on the look you envision for your kitchen and the effect you want to achieve.

As each type and color of granite gives off a different character, you can either contrast, mix, complete or improve. Whatever choice you choose for your kitchen, the result will always be a superb attractive and attractive design. Below, we give you some examples of granite countertop colors that go well with cherry-colored cabinets.

Contrast with light-coloured granite – Light-coloured granites are those that fall under shades of white to cream beige. Contrary to the belief that these colours can sometimes give a dull or flat look to spaces, a white or beige granite countertop can brighten up a kitchen if combined with dark closets. They exude a timeless look and a classic touch that will surely last for years.

Light granite colours are the perfect choice to light up a kitchen already dominated by dark red cherry cabinets. As cherry wood is a bit rich, some homeowners opt for a light-coloured countertop to make the space less invasive. This color is also perfect if you want small kitchens to look bigger.

Light colored granite is also available in different styles and most work well with fine grain from cherry wood. When choosing the type of light granite to use with cherry cabinets, choose ones with a marble-like vein pattern because they do not have a “busy pattern” that is too heavy for the eyes.

In addition, pale-coloured granite provides excellent balance to kitchens with cherry cabinets. It is important to focus on creating contrast, as this is one of the elements of kitchen design.

Cuisine avec armoires en merisier et comptoir en granit blanc

Here are some examples of light-coloured granite with cherry kitchen cabinets:

White Kashmir – The white granite of Kashmir is one of the most popular types of white granite on the market. It has a signature “salt and pepper” that is characterized by spots of ash grey quartz, dark mica and white feldspar. In some variants, Kashmir White granite has a dark burgundy hue that comes from the presence of garnet. This red shade makes it an appropriate assortment to the warm color of cherry cabinets. In addition, the light color of the white counter in Kashmir illuminates a space by mitigating the richness of cherry cabinets.

Granite White Valley – The white granite of the valley is a type of granite that resembles marble. With graceful veins that look like flowing water and a white background with soft grey veins, burgundy speckles and metallic minerals, this gives an impression of luxury in kitchen spaces.

The softness of its colour and the simplicity of its pattern blend perfectly with the deep colour of the cherry cabinets. In addition, the presence of burgundy spots on its surface corresponds to the red shades of cherry wood. The use of this type of countertop reduces the richness of cherry cabinets while creating a bright, airy and welcoming space.

Ancient Gold – Also known as Paradise Gold granite, ancient granite is characterized by an off-white background with speckled yellow shades and golden brown. This type of granite is ideal for cherry cabinets because it creates a balance between light and dark hues. On top of that, its soft color instantly brightens a room. Use old-year-old golden granite if you want a timeless countertop option for your cherry cabinets, as it brings classic elegance to a space.

Mix with earth-coloured granite – Earth-coloured granite is the perfect complement to cherry cabinets, as it gives a space a natural sense of comfort. This is also very appropriate if you want to get a monochromatic color scheme for your kitchen.

Earth-colored granites are those that have a dominant color of shades of brown. Tan or Brown granites have rich earth tones, ranging from light tan, from Siena soil to dark brown. This type of granite usually has black mineral trails and speckles that highlight a base of earth or sand. Light brown granite is also suitable for this type of kitchen cabinets. When paired, it creates an ultra-warm, welcoming and inviting space.

Here are some examples of earth colored granite with go best with cherry kitchen cabinets:

Santa Cecilia Granite – Although classified as form of beige granite, Santa Cecilia granite is predominantly brown in color. Originating from Brazil, this type of granite has a beige and honey colored background that is accentuated with specks of tan, gold and burgundy with dark gray veins. The warm color of Santa Cecilia granite blends nicely with the natural color of cherry cabinets, creating a harmonious yet attractive combination.

Almond Gold – Almond gold granite is characterized by a warm brownish base color that is highlighted by peach spots, burgundy flecks and quartz. The combination of these colors and its veining pattern produces perfect match to cherry cabinet. This duo also makes it easy to incorporate other elements into the design – such as accessories or flowers. It also works well if you want to introduce splash of color to your kitchen.

Ivory Brown – Also known as ivory gold or shivakashi ivory granite, ivory brown granite is characterized by peach, burgundy and quartz clusters over a light gray background. This type of granite originated from India and has a medium grained appearance and is predominantly pinkish beige in color. Compared to other earth toned granites that are mentioned here, the ivory granite has a lighter color because its base is primarily a cream hue.

It makes a great match because its veining pattern complements the rich red tones and graining pattern of cherry cabinets. Also, its light color gives balance while its brown undertones creates harmonious blend of colors. The predominant cream base of ivory brown granite also gives kitchens a more open feel, making them appear more spacious and bright. It is also easier to add accessories to this countertop and cabinet color/material combination.

Tan Brown Granite – Tan brown granite is also known as chestnut brown or copper antique granite. This type of brown granite has a rich pattern and a consistent color of dark red, black and brown all throughout. Among the examples of earth tone granite mentioned here, tan brown granite has the darkest color.

The beauty of tan brown granite is that its color changes all throughout the day, depending on its exposure to lighting. Under bright lights, the light brown and red tones become more vivid and visible, while with less lighting, its dark brown base becomes more prevalent.

The rich undertones of dark brown and deep red makes the color of cherry cabinets pop out more, making it the perfect match that isn’t too over dramatic. This combination is best paired with a light backsplash material which acts as a complementary visual element that makes both the countertop and cabinets stand out. Stainless steel appliances also gives this duo a more attractive look.

Enhance cherry cabinets with dark colored granite – Dark colored granite are mostly composed of blacks and dark browns. Although best paired with light to mid colored wooden cabinets, dark colored granite can still be used with dark and deep colored cabinets to achieve more drama in a space. Dark colored granite also makes kitchens look more warm, homey and inviting.

The combination of dark colored granite and cherry cabinets is less popular compared to the light colored and earth toned ones. However, this is an excellent choice if you want to add more dimension and depth to your kitchens design. When paired with a dark countertop, the undertones of cherry cabinets pop out more, thus creating an overall look that is more rich and elegant looking.

It may be a bit tricky to pull off compared to other color palettes but with the right granite pattern, it will work out perfectly to produce a rich and visually interesting kitchen design. Do not go for veining patterns that are too edgy or busy as it can sometimes result into a visual chaos. Make sure to choose the pattern wisely so as not to make your kitchen overwhelming or too heavy looking.

The combination of a dark countertop and cherry cabinets is more suitable for large kitchens, because it has the tendency to make a small space look more cramped and heavy.

Here are some dark colored granite options that you can use to match cherry cabinets:

Cosmic Black Granite – Also known as the matrix black granite, this type of dark colored granite is characterized by black – charcoal dark base with long swirls of white, patches of amber and burgundy. It comes in other variations, where quartz pockets are also visible, making the stone more sophisticated. This countertop brings natural elegance and a classic beauty to kitchens.

Cosmic black granite gives an interesting amount of depth and contrast to cherry cabinets. It is dramatic but not too overdone nor dragging. The combination of cosmic black granite and cherry cabinets are more fitting for large kitchens. This also offers more ease in matching appliances and other furnishings as they go well with most finishes. A great accent color that works for this combination is brushed nickel cabinet pulls and stainless steel appliances as it matches the silver veining in the granite’s surface.

Black Forest Granite – Black forest Granite is a stunning dark colored granite that has a black base with patches of white, amber and burgundy throughout its surface. Just like cosmic black granite, black forest granite works well with cherry cabinets because of the added visual contrast. Choose stainless steel appliances and brushed silver handles to go with this countertop and cabinet combination.

Go extra luxurious with gold granite – although gold granite may sometimes be classified as a light colored beige granite or a brown granite, they differ differently from the rest in terms of character. Gold granite are known for bringing luxury and warmth and brightness to a space.

Also known as yellow granite, gold granite countertops have rich tones of honey, yellow or gold. This type of granite usually has a pattern of elegant veining in mixtures of red, burgundy, black or mineral crystallizations of mica, feldspar or quartz. The combination of flecks of color against a golden honey colored background give it’s visually pleasing attributes that elegantly follows dark colored kitchen cabinetry.

Here are some gold colored granite options that you can use to match cherry cabinets:

Venetian Gold Granite – The venetian gold granite has a dominant golden tone, composed of deep red, amber, gray, brown flecks and light veining pattern over a creamy beige background.

Just like most granite types that are mentioned here, the presence of red flecks make it a perfect match for the red undertones in the grains of cherry wood.

The interesting combination of Venetian gold granite and rich cherry cabinets produce an overall kitchen setting that is naturally cozy, warm and welcoming.

Complement cherry cabinets with green colored granite – In reference to the color wheel, a complimentary color scheme is composed of two colors that are located opposite each other. Since cherry cabinets have red undertones, the right complementary color that goes with it is green – so it is just fitting that green granite presents another workable countertop option that matches cherry cabinets that can help you produce a stunning kitchen design.

Compared to other combinations, this is a bit more challenging to pull off. As some may instantly associate a green and red color combination to something that evokes a Christmas feel. However, this works wonders in creating a kitchen setting that is rich, elegant and unique. Green granite is stunning focal point in itself, so there is no reason why you should veer away from it.

The key to combining a green countertop with a reddish cherry cabinet is to choose the right pattern and the addition of a neutralizing element. Always look for the right undertones in the granites pattern, like red or burgundy flecks, as this matches the colors of cherry cabinets. Do not go too heavy on the patterns, unless you want to create visual drama. And always add a neutralizing element to balance your green countertop and cherry red cabinets – whether this may be a light color for the walls, floor or accessories.

Here are some green granite options that you can use to match your cherry cabinets:

Hawaiian Green Granite – Characterized by an olive green base color with grayish undertones, yellowish striations, dark pink and burgundy flecks, this type of granite is known for its rich unique appearance. When paired with cherry cabinets, it results in a stark contrast that displays elegance and sophistication.

Some more tips to help you choose the right granite countertop to match your cherry cabinets:

Consider additional elements such as lighting, appliances, flooring and backsplash material to produce a cohesive and well balanced kitchen design.

Both wood and granite have undertones of color present in them. Cherry cabinets, for example have red undertones, fir and oak have a tinge of orange while pine and bamboo appear a bit yellowish. These secondary colors may be used as a guide in matching different elements in your kitchen.

What to avoid: red cherry cabinets on red countertops are a clashing combination. Try to avoid this color as it tends to overpower the natural beauty of the wood.

Modern kitchen with cherry wood cabinets and wood floors

Going for a more polished modern industrial look, this kitchen combines two different wood finishes for its cabinetry. Overhead and full-size cabinets were laminated in cherry wood to match the flooring finish, while the base cabinets, including the kitchen island’s uses a dark oak wood finish. To help tone down and neutralize the seemingly clashing combination of wood finishes, white granite was used on the countertop and the backsplash, creating a neutral-colored surface in between. Accentuating the kitchen cabinets are brush stainless steel track lights, giving this kitchen an industrial look.

Dark wood kitchen with dining island

Going for a more elegant and classy look, this kitchen makes use of traditional style kitchen with turned wood details and dark cherry wood finish, topped with black soapstone. The kitchen cabinets is definitely producing a stark contrast placed against the light cream painted walls, cream stones floors and the matching stone backsplash tiles.

Cherry wood cabinet kitchen with l shape design

Cherry wood kitchens look amazing with a country-style kitchen design. This kitchen features a country style with more Spanish provincial inspirations, using turned wood details and other Spanish-inspired motifs. The kitchen cabinets are elegantly paneled with matching wood sweaters, and finished in a dark cherry wood color, matching the barstool finish. For the countertop, yellow granite was used and the backsplash uses a similarly toned yellow mosaic tiles. The kitchen is placed against light yellow walls and pale oatmeal stone floors, creating a light and warm atmosphere to the kitchen.

Custom wood kitchen with glass faced cabinets cherry finish

Cherry wood kitchens are often paired with a custom traditional style cabinets that look warm and elegant. These cabinets feature classical motifs that add a touch of gold finish to the carving details, bringing a more elegant and luxurious appeal to the design. To add to the gold detailing are gold finished pulls, which stands out against the perfectly polished cherry wood cabinets. Helping neutralize the red tones of the wood are the cream-colored walls, white floors and the yellow-cream quartz slab used on the countertops.

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