Kitchen Designs & Cabinet ideas in Kenya

How to equip a kitchen: tips and tricks

Some Kitchen design and Cabinet selection tips:

  • Do not use too much dark color in the decoration of the room. It is best to focus on lightweight materials that have light colors and a glossy finish.
  • All furniture must be compact, ergonomic and not impede free movement in space. The elements with retractable storage systems are excellent.
  • To save useful meters, it is advisable to use smaller built-in devices.
  • If the door opens inside the kitchen, it is better to take it on the canvas so that it opens to the outside. You can also install a sliding structure and a folding partition.

Small Kitchen Design in Kenya

When interior design companies in Nairobi design a project, it is first necessary to analyze the configuration of the kitchen of 9 m2, because the layout of furniture and appliances will depend on it.

9 sqm square kitchen

For a room close to a symmetrical square shape, there are many ideas on how to plan the space. Almost all planning options are appropriate here, for example, a 9 m2 kitchen can be expanded by installing a light countertop or a continuous row of horizontal hanging cabinets. Check out a list of MDF Boards Kenya

An L-shaped kitchen designs in Kenya with a corner sofa and a compact table fits perfectly into the square room. This solution is a great option for a family of 3-4 people.

L-shaped kitchen designs in Kenya

In the photo, the layout of the kitchen is 9 sqm.

Rectangular layout of the kitchen

An elongated room of 9 square meters requires a small correction with elongated vertical elements. To do this, install a high kit, refrigerator or oven. As an accent, a mirror with a vertical layout, a narrow strip of photo or mosaic wallpaper is also appropriate.

A rectangular kitchen of 9 m2 is mainly equipped with an angular helmet with an ergonomic work triangle. The dining area is located near the window and furnished with two small sofas and a table. Find MDF boards in Nairobi.

rectangular kitchen with an area of ​​9 squares

9 sqm kitchen with window

If there is a window, this area can be used as rationally as possible. If you do not plan to buy a dishwasher, the sink is transferred to the window opening. To do this, you will need to lengthen the pipes, but it will be free up an additional work surface.

It is also possible to incorporate a window sill into a countertop or transform it into a separate dining table. A fairly functional solution is that the window sill gently passes to the bar. Do you like these ideas: Talk to kitchen cabinet makers in Nairobi.

9 square kitchen with window

Nine-meter kitchen with balcony

Due to the redevelopment of the 9-metre kitchen and the combination with a balcony, the usable surface is greatly increased. After reheating the loggia, it can be transformed into a dining area and a place to relax or furnished with cabinets and a refrigerator. With a partial demolition of the partition, the window sill is often redone as a bar counter.

9 square kitchen with balcony

Color range

In order to create a harmonious interior of the kitchen of 9 sq.m., apply no more than 2-3 basic shades. Prefer monophonic surfaces, as well as coatings with discreet patterns or an interesting photo print. The working area can be decorated with bright and cheerful yellow, light green, red or orange flowers that combine perfectly with achromatic gray, black or white tones.

To give the situation elegance and nobility will help the color of champagne or warm tones beige, cream or caramel. This range of air seems particularly advantageous in combination with a metallic color palette characteristic of the hi-tech style. See mdf board colours Kenya.

Using a palette of lemon, pink or peach, you can create a festive and elegant atmosphere in the kitchen.

9 square kitchen color palette

In the photo from a kitchen at Getsales, there is a kitchen of 9 square meters with a bright apron and fuchsia blinds.

9 square kitchen color palette

9 square kitchen color palette

When choosing a set of light colors, the dullness and monotony of the atmosphere will dilute accent stains and bright notes, such as beautiful curtains, an apron or an original countertop.

9 square kitchen color palette

The photo shows a 9 square metre beige-brown kitchen interior.

Finishing and repair options

As a coating for the kitchen space, 9 m2 prefer reliable and quality materials.

  • A very beautiful and rich appearance differs from the wooden floor or tile. Porcelain tiles are considered to be the most durable and of high quality, which do not deform due to high humidity and are not afraid of aggressive chemicals.
  • The walls. For the finish of wall surfaces, you also need to choose moisture-resistant materials that are easy to clean and tolerant of extreme temperatures. The most affordable option for budget repairs will be painting. The walls are suitable for the installation of ceramics or tiles in a monochrome design or with patterns. If you plan to line the planes, you need to buy high quality, washable sheets.
  • The ceiling. A quick, neat and inexpensive solution is a taut ceiling with a pvc film. Ceiling whitening is the most environmentally friendly, cheapest and most familiar way of decorating. However, this option is only suitable for a perfectly aligned plan. With the use of paint or plaster, you can arrange the ceiling without hiding the height of the room. See Types of MDF boards in Kenya
  • Apron. A shiny glass apron will fit perfectly into a small kitchen of 9 m2. Such a decorative detail will not only add a particular zest to the atmosphere, but will also visually enlarge the space. The apron area arranged using a photo tile with any image will be no less unique.
kitchen decoration 9 squares

Pictured, the kitchen design is 9 square meters with a farthest area decorated with turquoise mosaic.

kitchen decoration 9 squares

kitchen decoration 9 squares

Finishing materials should be carefully selected, as the choice of appropriate furniture and interior style depends entirely on the interior lining of the room.

kitchen finishing kenya designs 9 squares

Furniture and appliances

Furniture and household item placement variants.

9 sqm kitchen with refrigerator

In the kitchen area of 9 m2, the most important subject is the refrigerator. A convenient place to place the unit will be the right or left corner near the window. To save free space, they get a narrow and high design. Another option is to install a refrigerator near a door or in a niche.

In a small room, the refrigeration unit can be mounted under the work surface of the kitchen set. This product is compact and suitable for storing a small number of products. Check out a list of Chipboards Kenya.

If there is very little space in the 9 m2 kitchen, the unit is located in the pantry, on the combined balcony or in one of the rooms.

9 square kitchen with fridge

9 square kitchen with fridge

9 square kitchen design with fridge

In the photo, a refrigerator installed near the door inside the kitchen measures 9 m2.

Example of 9 sqm kitchen with sofa

When installing a sofa, it is best to choose a helmet with a linear layout. In this case, the design of the upholstered furniture is placed opposite. If the helmet is L-shaped, the sofa is placed parallel to the corner where the cabinets are connected. To place 9 square meters with a furniture arrangement in the shape of a p, it is necessary to equip a soft corner near the window.

A small sofa model with a practical berth will fit organically into a small room of 9 m2. This design makes a rational use of square meters and transforms the kitchen space into an additional comfortable resting place.

9 square kitchen with sofa

9 square kitchen with sofa

9 square kitchen with sofa

Dining room group inside the kitchen

The size of the dining table depends on the number of people living in the apartment. If the dining area is provided for a quick snack, it is advisable to install an elegant bar counter with folding chairs.

For a small family, a folding table is suitable, which will only be used when needed. The table top may be a continuation of the window sill or have a retractable mechanism.

The simplest and most popular idea is to put a compact table and 4 stools as suggested by Nairobi interior designers.

9 square kitchen with dining area

9 square kitchen with dining area

9 square kitchen with dining area

TV inside the kitchen 9 meters

In the design of the 9 kv kitchen, a flat and light model of the TV is used, hung on the wall, attached to the helmet façade or integrated. The TV can also be placed in a free corner, seen from any part of the room.

9 square kitchen with TV

9 square kitchen with TV

9 square kitchen with TV

In the photo, there is a kitchen of 9 square meters with a small television on the wall.

Which kitchen unit is best to choose?

For a small space of 9 m2, a linear structure located along a long wall is perfect. The corner kitchen will be organically integrated into a square, rectangular elongated room.

It is advisable to favour models with an MDF façade, glass, acrylic or plastic. The enamel coating has a spectacular shiny shine, which helps to enlarge the space.

You should also give up furniture that has unusual convex shapes and decorative elements in large quantities. To optimize a small area, classic designs in a concise design will help.

kitchen set with an area of ​​9 squares

kitchen set with an area of ​​9 squares

kitchen set with an area of ​​9 squares

In order to save as much space as possible, the upper wall cabinets should be replaced with open shelves. A functional solution is the use of spacious floor-to-ceiling furniture.

kitchen set with an area of ​​9 squares

In the photo, there is a bright corner located in the kitchen of 9 square meters.

Lighting features

For a 9-square kitchen, individual lighting for each plot must be selected. The dining room can be decorated with a beautiful chandelier and the working segment with projectors. An LED strip will help illuminate the cooking surface, shelves, niches and cabinets.

9 Square kitchen lighting design

9 Square kitchen lighting design

9 Square kitchen lighting design

Pictured, the kitchen measures 9 m2 with suspensions on the ceiling above the dining area.

Which curtains to choose for the kitchen 9 sqm?

The curtains will deprive the interior of discomfort and emptiness. By color, the curtains must be in harmony with the overall color palette of the room. The canvases combined with furniture will be beautiful.

Curtains in light or neutral beige or cream tones will add extra lightness. Designers recommend decorating windows with airy translucent curtains, blinds or roller models that let light in.

curtains in the kitchen of 9 squares

curtains in the kitchen of 9 squares

curtains in the kitchen of 9 squares

Kitchen decoration in different styles

For a small room of 9 square meters, they prefer a Kenyan style design, which mainly involves finishes and light furniture. The pastel milk, pearl or cream colors will visually expand the space and, in combination with wooden, forged or wicker objects, will give the atmosphere a maximum of naturalness.

Loft sober, carefree, practical and affordable is characterized by textures of brick or raw concrete. The design provides for both new and rare items. In color, the industrial style tends to rich shades of brown, gray, burgundy, beige, as well as a contrasting black and white combination.

High-tech and minimalistic laconic styles will ideally fit into the 9 sqm kitchen area. It houses furniture with straight lines, matte and shiny solid facades. All the elements are distinguished by the absence of elaborate décor. The kitchen is equipped with modern integrated appliances.

9-square eco-friendly kitchen

In the photo, the design of the kitchen is 9 square meters, made in an eco-friendly style.

9-square loft-style kitchen

9-square high-tech kitchen

The classic style uses natural materials such as marble, wood and stone. The floor is mainly arranged with parquet or light-patterned tiles. On the ceiling plan, there is a decorative stucco molding. The room is of linear or angular layout with a symmetrical layout of furniture and appliances.

9 cuisine néoclassique

Pictured, the neoclassical style in the kitchen design is 9 square meters.

9-square classic kitchen

9-seat Provençal-style kitchen

Design ideas

The kitchen area, combined with a balcony, becomes more practical, more useful and more aesthetic. In addition, for such a kitchen of 9 m2, there are many decorating ideas. For example, a drawback such as a window sill can become a non-standard table for tea ceremonies.

9-square kitchen design

9-square kitchen design

9-square kitchen design

In many projects, a place under the window involves a dishwasher or even a washing machine. However, in the 9 m2 kitchen, there is no large window. The room in this seo company has a small window opening, located asymmetrically, which is very difficult to beat in terms of decoration. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a simple design in the form of a pretty curtain.

9-square kitchen design

9-square kitchen design

9-square kitchen design

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