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Cherry Interior : MDF  Boards Sizes, Prices & Suppliers in Kenya

Specifications of MDF Boards in Kenya

MDF raw boards – dry environment 

Sizes: 2800 x 2070

Thickness: 8 mm / 12 mm / 16 mm / 19 mm / 22 mm

MDF raw boards – humid environment 

Sizes: 2800 x 2070

Thickness: 19 mm

MDF Lackline boards – 1 raw side / 1 decor side 

Sizes: 2800 x 2070

Thickness: + 3 mm

Decors: white melamine (L8110) / grey melamine (L8150)


MDF Boards Prices in Kenya Break down

Our MDF boards prices range from ksh. 3500 – 18,000 depending on your style and taste.


Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an artificial wood product. Wood residuals are used to make MDF board. It has a large scale use in furniture making. Advantages and disadvantages of Medium Density Fibreboard are discussed below.

Made mainly from debarked pine and spruce wood, Our MDF excels with consistently high-quality fibre and a light colour. Owing to its fine fibre structure, this classic material is ideally suited for working and shaping.

The production of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is a synthesis of a natural raw material and innovative technology. They have a bulk density of about 680 to 810 kg/cu.m and boast high bending strength and strong internal bonds.

The raw material we use to make our MDF boards in Kenya is high-quality coniferous wood from debarked pine and spruce logs; mainly fresh thinnings from sustainably managed forests are used. First the wood is refined into fibre, then mixed with a binder and finally gently pressed. The result is an engineered wood product with a homogeneous structure both longitudinally and laterally: eco-friendly boards that are easy to work and use and are suitable for a vast range of furniture and interior applications.

Advantages of Medium Density Fiberboard in Kenya

Followings are the advantages of MDF:

MDF has economic value to common people as it is cheaper at cost and inexpensive. So, they are within everyone’s reach to purchase.

MDF saves trees as it is recycling process.

It is easy to take any color where wood takes long tenure for staining different colors

MDF does not have knots or kinks which disturbs the smooth surface.

MDF is resistant to some insects as some chemicals are used for the processing of MDF.

It can be painted or stained and given a look just the same as real wood. So, it can replace the place of wood furniture.

Depiction on MDF is easier than on wood.

To provide MDF a look like real wood veneers, laminators may easily be attached to it.

The solid, dense, flat, stiff MDF is a good choice instead of wood.

MDF has no grain as it’s not a natural product, it’s easy to cut, drill without damaging.

It has excellent machining character for its suitable density.

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