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Standard Door Size

Cherry Interior: Choose the dimensions and structure of an inner door

Choosing an interior door requires taking into account some technical aspects and precise measurements of your space.

The dimensions of the interior doors

The standard widths are 63 cm, 73 cm, 83 cm and 93 cm.

  • width of 63 cm corresponds to the passage of a person. A 63 cm door can be installed in the toilet, for example.
  • width of 73 cm is provided to enter a living room, such as the room.
  • An 83 cm width provides a wider passage and allows for the passage of bulky furniture.
  • width greater than 83 cm is required to allow the passage of a wheelchair.

Heights can vary: 204, 220 and 258 cm. A door height of more than 204 cm allows comfort of use for people of large sizes and is ideal for beautiful ceiling heights.

The double interior doors are 204 x 146 cm in size.

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