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Standard Kitchen Cabinets Sizes in Kenya

The lack of workspace is one of the main problems in Kenyan kitchens, especially if it involves the purchase of furniture. That’s why on this article, I show you the standard cabinet measurements for your Kitchen in Nairobi, Kenya.

Sizes of kitchen cabinets

As a home owner or interior designer in Kenya, you should be aware of how to choose the right piece of furniture and the exact measurements suitable for the space. Furniture, as a rule, is divided into certain categories.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is the main element of the kitchen. Also, it is the main storage compartment for kitchen utensils. Floor cabinets should be as functional as possible and adapted to the lifestyle of the home owners. Just as displayed in the picture below.

showing grey kitchen cabinets. The drawers are open revealing pots, cups, spoons

It is inconceivable to imagine a kitchen without lower cabinets. ‘Kilimani Mums’, basically, store household appliances and pots and pans. View Kitchen Cabinets Designs in Kenya.

Wall lockers

These interior object fill the upper space. The height of the kitchen should be chosen according to the growth of the owners in the size of the appliances. In most times, it is desirable that the cabinets have a sufficient number of shelves, in which case it will be possible to store many different stocks. The closets are placed in such a way that an adult can easily get the required item. Check out a list of MDF Boards Kenya

showing brown upper kitchen cabinets

In the upper kitchen cabinets, it is important to store small appliances, dishes, and food stocks, which the hostess often does not use.

Corner modules

Corner cabinets are usually closed or open, have a rounded or straight façade. Thanks to special rotating metal structures, access to all objects inside is facilitated. It is the corner cabinets that give the interior a particular sophistication.

showing kitchen with green cabinet designs in kenya

Corner modules can be used functionally with removable, retractable or rotating storage structures

Height of the upper cabinet

In hanging cupboards for the kitchen, there are almost no large appliances, so their dimensions may be different. Hinged cabinets can be 15 to 80 cm wide, 35 cm deep, the size depends directly on the size of the lower cabinets. They should be the same and combined to make the interior harmonious.

The 35 cm depth is an ideal option, while the furniture will not clutter the workspace, will not interfere with the use of the work surface.

Lower cabinets in the kitchen

Dimensions of lower cabinets in Kenya

An important role in the design of the lower cabinets for the kitchen is played by a gas stove or electric. If the kitchen is small, it is advisable to choose a cabinet with a maximum depth of 50 cm Even if it is a bit to present because of the stone -. Don’t worry, the interior won’t be damaged. You can talk to kitchen cabinet makers in Nairobi.

showing lower cabinets in the kitchen

The standard height of the lower kitchen cabinets is usually 850 mm. If you don’t have enough or vice versa, the cabinets are too high, so everything can be adjusted with the base

Standard is considered the following dimensions: width -15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm, depth – 50-60 cm tips depth DESIGN absorb the furniture low 50-55 cm at the counter slightly hung . In terms of aesthetics, this option looks better.

Standard Kitchen sizes

There is a certain standard for kitchens in Kenya.

Standard kitchen cabinets have:

  • Height – 85 cm
  • Cape – 10 cm;
  • Depth – no less than 46 cm (if there are drawers 55-60 cm;
  • The width of the countertop is 60 cm, 90 cm;
  • The thickness of the table – 2 cm 5 mm – 4 cm (depending on its strength and cost);
  • Overlooking the counter – 4-5 cm 6 cm behind the cabinet (for electrical wiring, pipes);
  • The width of the façade is 35 to 40 cm (it is not recommended to use two façade pedestals – it is not very practical to use them);
  • The height between the shelves (inside) is 25 to 35.

The height, width and depth of standard kitchen cabinets are taken on the basis of anthropometric analysis people as well as appliances and utensils that are supposed to be stored in closets

showing two kitchen one with red cabinets and white wall, while the other with white upper cabinets, brown ;lower cabinets  and green wall

It should be noted that all dimensions are closely related. The height of the lower kitchen cabinets is adjusted by twisting legs, which is an important factor for people of different heights.

In addition to the generally accepted standards, there are rules for the location of furniture and kitchen appliances. For example, designers recommend installing a dishwasher next to the sink. Put the dishes in this case, it will be much easier in the car, the excess water will not fall on the ground.

To open the oven doors without any problems, install it at a distance of 1 cm from other furniture. The oven is integrated into the pencil kit at eye level. This will make it comfortable to use, and children will not be able to reach it.

Do not recommend that designers install a cabinet next to a gas or electric stove with boxes. The child can use the boxes as a ladder and get to the hot plate.

The distance between the plate and the work surface should be at least 60 cm, the ideal size of the work area is 110 cm.

The plugs are installed in any appropriate location. An exception is a sink, a stove. The distance between the ground and the exit is at least 90 cm.

kitchen with brown lower caabinets

Knowing the standard sizes of kitchens is useful not only for buyers, but for designers, as most apartments have the same layout

Today, there are many manufacturers who produce furniture for the kitchen, which have standard sizes and the most diverse. Furniture can be purchased ready and made to order. In this case, the variety of sets is quite large. You can buy cabinets of the angular variant, various closets under the sink. Due to the high level of production, the Cherry Interior is very popular today. But there is another advantage – the ability to buy not only furniture, but also material. The main advantage of Cherry Interior – the opportunity to buy your favorite kitchen entirely.

Height of kitchen cabinets

The standard height of the kitchen wall cabinet should be determined by the size of the façade. The most important thing is ease of use. Too high a kitchen cabinet to force the home owner to get up on the stool and get the necessary items, which is quite annoying.

To determine the height of the hanging cabinets, imagine that you need something from the top shelf without a stool.

To make the kitchen more diverse, to create a particular atmosphere and style, the design often uses hinged furniture, which has different sizes and heights. This combination allows you to make low cabinets a kind of shelf. They are decorated with various statuettes, vases. A special atmosphere will help give a local highlight. The ideal height of the countertop kitchen cabinets is 60 cm.

Sizes of kitchen drawers

Knowing the standards of kitchen cabinet size, you can decide which layout is suitable for your premises

The depth of the boxes depends directly on the width of the table, specifically its depth. Standard, worktop is 60 cm in size. Given the gaps, the depth of the boxes should not exceed 46 to 51 cm. The width of the boxes can vary from 50 to 70 cm (bottom), and 30 to 60 cm (height). Speak to MDF Board Suppliers in Kenya

The corner drawers for the kitchen have a depth of 28-30 cm, a width of 55 cm, the size depends in this case on the width of the corner façade. The main thing is the ratio between height and width, as this affects the functionality of the box.

An incorrect report can result in a regular failure of the sliding system, as a large load will act on the box.

Whichever furniture is chosen, any kitchen set when designing is individual. The design project may provide for the placement of furniture of completely different sizes. But in this case, everything must be thought out carefully, because the kitchen must be multifunctional, and not just beautiful. Even in a small kitchen, you can place lots of cabinets, sections for household appliances.

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