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Which Boards to Choose For Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to choosing your kitchen cabinets, you don’t always know where to start. There is certainly something for every taste and every budget and then it’s not always easy to make the right choices! So here’s a little article that will serve as your guide.


As we know, kitchen cabinets are found in all styles and materials. That’s when it starts to get complex… So we have to think about the type of materials we want to choose in addition to the final style we want. Once you’re on the style path, you have to ask yourself about the doors, the type of kitchen cabinet and the accessories.

To enlighten you, here are a few steps to follow to prepare yourself. If not, you can always consult a Nairobi Interior Designer to support you.


You start to think about the door type you want for your kitchen. The first thing to do is to choose whether you want;

  • a flat panel,
  • a twisted panel,
  • a molded panel
  • or an embossed panel.

The flat panel is very simple. It is usually made of a single piece and does not contain a molding.
The twisted panel is a panel made of MDF or other material that is dug in order to look deep.
The molded panel is a simple panel containing moldings. A little less impressive than the twisted panel, it gives a more decorated look.
The raised panel resembles the holed panel but is distinguished by the presence of molding.


In the second stage, we are interested in the hardware that ends up on the doors of kitchen cabinets. The first option is the button. It is a question of attaching a button directly into materials that will open the doors. This is the recommended option for work with a more limited budget.

On a practical level we recommend rather the handle that fits easily with two screws. The styles of handles are limitless which allows to obtain the desired style for its armories.


When our choice is made for panels and hardware, we must focus on interior finishing materials. The two main choices are natural wood or dyed wood. In both cases, the investment required varies. In addition, the choices are also extensive for both types of wood. The two products are equivalent, the degradation is similar. The choice is therefore between presenting natural kitchen cabinets or shades. Otherwise, you can choose:

  • Solid wood: very robust, timeless, durable, durable, warm and elegant.
  • Melamine: affordable, a wide choice of finishes, durable and easy to maintain.
  • Polyester: an affordable alternative to wood, easy to maintain, resists heat and scratches.
  • Acrylic: Smooth and shiny finish, good resistance, resists prolonged exposure to UV rays and moisture, easy to clean, meets environmental standards.
  • Thermoplastics: a wide variety of models, in addition to being easy to maintain, the thermoplastic will keep its shape and color over time.
  • MDF: MDF cabinets (medium density fibers) have the same characteristics as wood cabinets, but are an excellent alternative in terms of quality-price in addition to being environmentally friendly thanks to wood recovery.

Wood, for its elegance and refinement

Still as popular as ever, wood is a timeless material found in many kitchens. It is particularly appreciated for the prestigious and warm side it confers on your room. It is a noble material that pleases by its natural and unique look that creates a friendly atmosphere and gives character to your kitchen. It brings clarity and its combination with other materials such as steel, concrete or stone adds an elegant touch to your room.

In addition, there are a multitude of colors from which you can opt thanks to the quantity of existing wood species, each with its own character. From cherry wood to walnut wood, white oak and maple, each wood offers different colours and characteristics.

block board kitchen cabinet

However, keep in mind that although wood is a very strong material, it requires minimal maintenance in order to be well preserved and last a long time. Indeed, it should be dyed and varnished about once or twice a year. Moreover, being a noble and natural material, wood represents a high cost.

Polyester, for its strength and variety of colours

You are charmed by the warm and refined side of the wood but its high price does not match your budget? Polyester is the alternative for you! It perfectly mimics the texture of wood for an aesthetic and refined rendering at a very affordable price.

The cabinets consist of a central melamine panel and are wrapped in polyester which makes them stronger than simply melamine cabinets. Polyester is a robust material that has good resistance to shocks but also to heat and humidity.

It also offers many possibilities for personalization thanks to the many shades available as well as a choice of finishes such as matte, satin or textured. In addition, the cabinets do not require special maintenance, a simple soap and a sponge are enough to give them back all their luster. However, be aware that in case of damage the polyester is often difficult to repair.

Melamine, for its very affordable price

The melamine cabinets we experienced in the 1980s have nothing to do with those we make today. Indeed, the old white cabinets have disappeared to make way for modern and trendy cabinets. If melamine was perceived as a low-end material, things have changed.

Having become a very popular material, melamine is very often used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets. It’s a popular material, especially for the wide variety of colours and finishes it offers, leaving endless possibilities to customize your cabinets and adapt them to the style of your kitchen. Melamine also offers a nice imitation of wood at a much cheaper price. It is also very easy to maintain, a simple wet cloth with a soft soap are enough to give it back all its luster.

However, melamine is a material that is not very resistant to shocks and scratches and is very sensitive to heat and humidity. So be careful when you take your dishes out of the oven so you don’t leave a trace on your kitchen cabinets. Also make sure you have an efficient kitchen hood so you don’t create too much moisture in your room. In addition, melamine is a difficult material to repair, so it is necessary to take care of it.

Thermoplastic, for its excellent value for money

Thermoplastic, recently renamed the polymer, is a material straight from Europe. It offers both an urban and contemporary design look and gives a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere to your kitchen. The kitchen cabinets in thermoplastic are particularly appreciated for the quality of the materials that make them solid but also refined.

thermoplastic kitchen cabinets

Thermoplastic is also a good alternative to wood, if you don’t have the necessary budget but you’re still looking to have a nice visual appearance. The thermoplastic also adapts to different styles, offering a wide choice of colors and finishes. In addition, it is very resistant to shocks and scratches and maintains a uniform colour that does not degrade over time. To maintain it, nothing easier! A simple soft soap and a clean cloth will do the trick.

However, similar to melamine, thermoplastics offer low heat resistance. All contact with heaters that can damage it, such as the toaster or kettle, should be avoided. It is also a difficult material to repair when it suffers significant damage.

More information and advice

Are you always hesitant about choosing materials for your kitchen cabinets? Need more information before you make your choice? Don’t hesitate to contact us! At Cherry Interior, our designers are experienced specialists who know the latest market trends. In this way, they will be able to make the best recommendations to you according to your needs and will be able to accompany you in the realization of your project from A to Z.

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